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25 May 2020 Family Law Ruth Croman
Coinciding with the lockdown imposed across the UK on the 23rd March, all Courts across Scotland were closed to routine business. Hub Courts were assigned for each Sheriffdom - across the ten Courts of Tayside, Central and Fife, only two hub Courts were designated, and those two Courts are dealing only with designated "emergency" business, for example dealing with those arrested and held in custody, and applications for protective orders for either person or property, where the solicitor has been able to satisfy the Court that there is sufficient urgency.   What this has meant is that all routine business, in every Court across Scotland, has been paused, and either sisted (frozen) or has been continued until late summer.

15 May 2020 Family Law Macnabs Law
Macnabs Managing Partner, Ruth Croman, has recently been accredited by FLAGS as a Family Law Arbitrator. A well-respected family lawyer, Ruth is a member of the Family Law Association, Consensus Collaboration Scotland and is accredited as a Specialist in both Family Law and Child Law. Macnabs boasts one of the most experienced and highly qualified teams of family law solicitors in Perthshire and Tayside. Arbitration is an alternative method of dispute resolution, where the parties involved choose to appoint an impartial family arbitrator to resolve their family problems, outside of the Courts. It is an ideal approach for people who want to resolve a family dispute without the delay and expense of the court process, especially in the current challenging climate where the Courts are currently effectively closed for all but urgent cases due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

01 May 2020 Family Law Macnabs Solicitors
We as a nation have entered into uncharted territory as a result of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With our daily office trips and weekend activities stripped from our usual routine, we have been put in a state of unease about what we can and cannot do.  Although there are not many things we can control just now, one thing we can do is take this extra time at home to reflect on our estate planning. Getting your legal documents in order, especially your Will, is one of the best ways to use this time effectively.

01 May 2020 Family Law Macnabs Solicitors
As China begins to get a glimpse of life on the other side of coronavirus, it seems that not everyone has been feeling the love during quarantine. It emerged that divorce rates in the country have soared, as couples were forced into spending time together in mandatory lockdown. With the UK being in lockdown since 23rd March, it is predicted that the same will happen here and divorce rates will surge both north and south of the border. Unfortunately, this prediction comes as no surprise; however, if you are contemplating getting a divorce or are in the middle of divorce proceedings, you will probably be wondering what happens next and how might this current situation affect you?

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