10 January 2022 Family Law Megan Carling
Surrogacy, put simply, is the concept of a woman bearing a child for another person. This process is legal in Scotland however with it entails strict parameters. Fundamentally, surrogacy arrangements must remain altruistic. This means any surrogacy contract entered into remains unenforceable, and payment is only permitted to cover ‘reasonable expenses’ of the pregnancy. This process albeit sounds simple, however, is anything but.

17 November 2021 Family Law Rachael MacDonald
With the US now giving the official stamp of approval for the Pfizer vaccine for children aged five to 11, it might not be long before children of a similar age in the UK are offered a COVID vaccine. Currently in the UK, the COVID vaccine is being offered to children aged 12-15. The vaccine is not mandatory, and parents who have parental responsibilities and rights will be asked to give their consent to the vaccine. But what happens if parents disagree about how best to protect their children against the virus?

03 August 2021 Family Law Ruth Croman
Prenups were once seen as something only for the rich and famous, but they are now becoming increasingly popular for many couples getting married, particularly for those who have built up assets that they wish to protect, or those with complicated family and financial structures.

14 July 2021 Family Law Stuart Hunter
When new couples talk about the future it’s often sugar-coated with the illusion of fiction. “We’ll have a big white house with a picket fence, four children, and a dog named Max.” In the early throes of a relationship, it’s easy to agree on everything - baby names, houses, what school to send your child to, even what Netflix series to start next. But our lives change daily, and the horizon is never an exacting science.

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