The importance of a Power of Attorney when planning winter adventures

14 February 2024 Wills, Trusts & Estates Alan Roughead

Many of us find ourselves drawn to the exhilarating world of skiing and winter sports. While carving through the slopes, it's easy to get caught up in the thrill of the season, but it's equally important to consider the practicalities of safeguarding your interests, especially when it comes to legal matters. One often overlooked yet crucial aspect is having a Power of Attorney (PoA) in place. Contrary to common misconceptions, a Power of Attorney isn't just for older individuals – it's a vital document that can benefit people of all ages, ensuring peace of mind during your winter adventures.

Whether you're an avid skier, snowboarder, or someone planning a winter getaway, unforeseen circumstances can arise at any moment. From unexpected injuries on the slopes to travel mishaps, having a Power of Attorney can prove invaluable in managing your affairs seamlessly.

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that designates a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf (relating to either your finances or your health, or both) in case you become unable to do so. While it's a crucial consideration for seniors, it's equally relevant for individuals of all ages, especially those engaging in high-risk activities like skiing.

Whether you sustain an injury during a skiing expedition or you slip and fall whilst out running on the icy streets at home and find yourself incapacitated, without a Power of Attorney in place, managing your financial affairs, medical decisions, and other important matters can become challenging.

By proactively naming someone you trust as your Power of Attorney, you can ensure that someone you choose is authorised to act on your behalf, making critical decisions when you are unable to do so yourself. If you were to have an accident and become incapacitated, even temporarily, at a time that is already incredibly difficult and distressing for your family, then with a Power of Attorney you can ensure that appropriate action and decisions about your health are taken on your behalf.

Additionally, if you were to become incapacitated, you may need someone to manage your financial affairs for you. For example, you may find that even your wife / husband may not be able to pay bills or speak to relevant companies on your behalf if the accounts are held in the name of one partner only. Such a scenario can leave a family in extreme financial difficulty.

This winter season, if you are gearing up for a thrilling ski adventure, remember that legal preparedness is just as important as having the right equipment. A Power of Attorney will provide you with peace of mind and protection to do what you love with the confidence that should you need it, your legal affairs are in capable hands.

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